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Haiku/Concrete poems  


Submitted by: Jane Merdian


During our Poetry Unit, I have my students use India ink to make an oriental type of drawing when writing their Haiku. Place newspaper down on each desk.  Pass out one sheet of white xerox paper to each student. Give each student a straw.

The teacher goes to each student and places 1-2 drops of India ink on the middle bottom portion of the paper. The student then uses the straw to blow a design on the paper. Be sure and move the straw in the direction the ink should run. Caution students not to spit. The student waits for it to dry.

Next the student writes a Haiku for his/her picture. Proofread and then use a marker to write on the drawing.

Additional drawings may be made on the picture to enhance the nature look such as a bird's nest, bird, flowers, etc...



Have students draw or trace a picture of an object that they think speaks about them--saxophone, drums, baseball, bike, etc.

Then have them write a poem around the perimeter of the picture.