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Here we go loop to loop

Parts of speech ( nouns, verbs, adjectives)  


Submitted by: lasal98

I provided my students with strips of brightly colored construction paper. Students are encouraged to show their knowledge of particular parts of speech by forming the longest loop. To add spice to this activity students must form the new word using the last letter in the preceding word. If we were emphasizing adjectives and the first word used was tall, the next loop could be formed with long using the "g" in long. The student would then write the next word on another strip. The challenge is to form the longest strip.

Students are not allowed to repeat words in their loops and the challenge is over when a new term can not be added. One group may challenge a term if the loop is formed and the part of speech selected is not use. If a person challenges a term used and it does represent the part of speech that is being focused then the individuals involved are allowed one free 60 second peep in the dictionary.

If the term challenge does not represent the part of speech the individuals or group loose their turn and the group is not allowed to at a loop.

This is a very enjoyable activity and students have been known to manipulate the activity by searching in the dictionary before the challenge is begun.