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Homer Price


Submitted by: Karen Ehman

Here are my activities for Homer Price. Each activity fits well with "its" chapter.




Now that we have finished reading Homer Price, choose one of these story writing activities and give it your best effort. Remember what you know about writing a good story. It needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Divide paragraphs according to the 4 T's. The story should be imaginative and it may be slightly humorous or very funny. No gore or violence!!!

Your carefully written ink copy or carefully proofread, 1.5 spaced computer generated copy is due on __________________________.


1) Write chapter 7 for the book. Your own sequel with Homer, of course, as a major character.

2) Write a story which tells a new adventure of Aroma the skunk. Perhaps Aroma found a different way to help the sheriff.

3) Be a reporter for the Centerburg newspaper and write about the doughnut machine craziness. Your finished product can be done in the form of a newspaper front page complete with headlines. Fill in the page with related "articles". It's OK to use Children's Writing & Publishing for this.

4) Imagine that Homer has another uncle named Uncle Phaeton. Write a story about an adventure Homer had with him. Be sure to give Phaeton some kind of distinct character traits, interests, or speech pattern.

5) Write a story about life in Enders Heights. Include a street map.

6) Rewrite the story of the Super Duper from the point of view of Lucy the horse. Don't be shy about telling of the part you played in rescuing the Super Duper.

7) Just as the author combined parts of "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" for his chapter, combine two of your own favorite tales to make an appropriate story that includes the people of Centerberg.

8) Write a story about Uncle Ulysses and another of his labor saving devices that goes wild. Aunt Aggie and Homer would be good supporting characters to include.