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Ideas for Speech Topics


Submitted by: Barbara D. Martin  

1.  Name--stand up by desk and say name

2.  Name and address--by desk

3.  Name, address and phone number (pretend?) at front of the class

4.  Tell a joke (may NOT be a riddle)

5.  Bring 6 things in a bag that tell about yourself (Sept. Sack)

6.  Draw something

7.  Make something  (paper popper, flashlight, airplane--SIGN UP!)

8.  Show how something works--no calculators or mechanical pencils

9.  Memorize a poem of 3 lines or more

10.  Bring something from childhood

11.  Ask 20 Questions, with word taped on  back

12.  The Great Potato Disguise--art, speech and writing

13.  Ghoul Scout Cookies

14.  Halloween Improvisation

15.  Thanksgiving Improvisation

16.  A Christmas present for my mom

17.  My favorite toy

18.  The great CD disguise--make an old CD look like something else

19.  Something I'd like to learn, and why (not job related)

20.  Memorize a Poem of 10 lines or more

21.  A special person in my life

22.  An unusual animal--research project

23.  An unusual animal as a pet-- pros and cons

24.  (February) A famous woman and why she was important

25.  My favorite place (not amusement park or game arcade)

26.  Someone Id like to meet

27.  The worst experience of my life

28.  My trip

29.  My favorite book

30.  Things I hate at school--and solutions

31.  The best (and most important) thing that happened to me

32.  When I grow Up

33.  Retell a story or share one of your own

34.  Memorize a poem

35.  Sell a record--may perform this commercial with a friend

36.  Memorize the Gettysburg Address

37.  Where to go on vacation (research--new place)

38.  Improvisation--from list

39.  My best friend

40.  When Im a parent

41.  Death

42.  If I could go back in time and change something

43.  My favorite poem, story, saying, speech, etc.

44.  Put on a mini-play about a subject you are currently studying

45.  Bring in something you collect, or have saved for a long time.

46.  My most embarrassing moment