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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Author: Scott O'Dell

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1.  Make up a detailed map of the island showing where everything is and label it.  See me for paper.

2.  Bring a collection of shells, feathers, seaweed, bone, etc., that Karana might have had on the island.  Label everything and tell how she used it.

3.  Make a necklace that Karana could have given to Tutok.  Explain how you made it and why (from Karana's point of view.)

4.  Pretend you are Karana.  You have just been rescued from the Island of the Blue Dolphins.  What will you take with you?  Write an essay explaining why you made the choices you did.

5.  Write a newspaper article about Karana's rescue.

6.  Research the author, Scott O'Dell.  Write an essay telling about his life.

7.  You are a travel agent who has just discovered the Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Design a travel brochure that will make people want to go to this island.  See me for further information.

8.  Compare and contrast the characters of Chief Chowig and Captain Orlov.  Consider physical as well as psychological things.  Give specific examples of how they are both alike and different.

9.  The Island of the Blue Dolphins and the sea surrounding it provided ample food for Karana's survival.  Choose one and write a report about it.  Use the library for reference materials.  (books, encyclopedias, Science book, etc.)

10.  Read Zia, the sequel to Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Prepare a speech telling the class what happens to Karana after her rescue.

11.  Construct a model of the Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Begin with a sturdy piece of cardboard (no larger than the top of your desk) for your base.  Then, use clay, paper, fake grass, plants, etc. to finish your project.

12.  Write an essay comparing the book with the movie.