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Journal Ideas 1


Submitted by: Avis Breding

Thinking of some new journal ideas for the journal tree....came up with these. (some of these were adapted from Connection-Link!)

I would put each idea on one of the *prompts* to be drawn at random. Using scenic pictures from magazines, calendars, stored in folders or posted use these ideas:


1) Using a picture that appeals to you, tell which one would be a place you would like to go when you would like to be by yourself to read or just think. Tell why you chose this particular spot...and what you would do while you were there... and how long you would stay.


2) You have been chosen to create an amusement park. It will be located in one of the pictures (displayed). Tell what you would create in your park, and show a sketch of how your park will look. Will you have to destroy any of the park for your creation? Create a picture for your portfolio.


3) You have just won a million dollars! You have chosen to build the home of your dreams and what ever you wish to be constructed. Which picture are you going to build your dream estate on, and how will it look.? Create a picture for your portfolio.


4) You and a friend went on a cruise on a sailboat. You get lost and end up stranded on (teacher picks a picture) this island. How do you survive... what is the temp like? what do you find to eat? what is your shelter.