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Linking Verb Activity

Submitted by: Paulette Romano


First, I give my students a chart of linking verbs that they can refer to
and use during our study.

     Forms of "Be" - is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been
     Other Linking Verbs - appear, feel, grow, smell, become, look, seem, sound, remain, stay, taste

Then I give them the following sentences and have them underline the linking verb in each:

    1. The man is a monster.

    2. His skin looks sickly green and purple.
    3. His mouth resembles a snout.
    4. His teeth appear long and sharp like a wolf's.
    5. His ears are on top of his head and are pointed and furry.
    6. His eyes seem to be slits of purple light.
    7. His nose is an empty hollow.
    8. He smells of rotten meat.
    9. His skin feels slimy.
   10. Truly, the man must have been ugly from birth!

Finally, they draw a picture of their monster!

Couple of variations:
1) Have them come up with sentences to describe another monster and they exchange with a partner.
2) Using the sentences above, rewrite them into a descriptive paragraph adding more detail and sentence variety.