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Literature Response Questions - Set One   

Written by various members of Connection


1)If the main character was a friend of yours, what would you advise them to do? How could you help them?

2) Which character would you most like to have as a friend? Why?

3)How might the story be different if it happened somewhere else? (or at another time, depending on the book)

4)Pretend that you are the mother /father of one of the characters, write a letter to that character, commenting on what is happening at the present time.

5)Imagine that you are one of the inanimate objects surrounding the main character in your book. If you had the power to speak...what would you say to them about the situation this character is in.... or what advice would you give to the main character at this point in the story.

6) If you could trade places with one of the characters in the book, which one would it be? Why would you choose this character? Give one thing you would change about the character and explain why you would change it.

7). Write a descriptive poem about one of the characters in the book as though you were that character. Begin the poem "I am..."

8) Does this passage (selection, book, etc.) remind you of anything in your own life?
Why do you think the author chose this topic?
Do you agree with the ending of the book?

9). If you had been the main character in this situation, how would you have reacted differently?

10) In what other place or time could this story have happened? or Why could the story only have happened in this setting?

11) Finish this sentence: I love the way the author...**

12) Have you read any other books by the author you're reading now?
If yes, how does this one compare? If no, would you like to?

13) Tell me about your favorite character in the book you're reading. What kind of person is your character, and why is he/she your favorite?

14) How did your main character change? Is your main character believable?

15) Write a brief interview with the main character in your story.

16) Finish these sentences. I was surprised... I wonder... I wish....

17) Do you think the title of your book is appropriate? Does it "grab" you? How do you think the author chose this title?

18) If you were going to change anything in the book (chapter?) to make it absolutely perfect, what would it be and how would you change it?

19)Imagine how the story would change if the setting changed. IE: if the story took place in a snowstorm? On a tropical island? In outer space on a spaceship?