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Literature Response Questions - Set Three

Written by various members of Connection


1) I like to have the kids focus on the character traits shown (or not shown) by the various characters. Our school focuses on 7 different traits, so a common question is, "How does this character show the trait, ... honesty?"

2) What could this character do to set a better example of courage?

3) Did the character show citizenship when he did what he did in this section? (Please substitute whatever names your school uses for the character traits.)

4) If you had been (the specifc character) how would have responded to the situation?

5) What is the "moral" of this story? How does the moral of this story apply to me?

6) Three level comprehension guide

Each student can write a statement (or more) at a different level of understanding..
a).literal (straight fact)
b)interpretive (not directly stated)
c) applied (what "lessons" or "universal applications" can be derived from the story?

7) Structured overview of factual story
Each student will choose a fact to report from each page which helps illustrate what concepts the author is trying to explain. If it is a textbook they might use words or concepts in black print...such as facts from a science text.

9) In what ways did the main character change from the beginning to theend of the story?

10) Who would you recommend this book to? Why would you choose that person and why do you think they would like this book?

11)If this story occured in a different time frame, the opposite of when it was written, how would the story line change? Would the actions of the characters be different? How?

12) Do any of the characters change in the story? What made them change?

13) Does the story convey some feeling of mood? How does the author accomplish this?

14)What was the author showing about life in the story?.

15) Cast your favorite scene with actors and actresses seen on TV and/or movies. Why?

16) Connect the qualities of a particular character with a someone you've studied this year (?) in history.

17) How are you alike/different from the main character?

18) If you could change the ending of the book, how would you change it?

19) Compare and contrast two of the main characters (I used this as an assessment for The Whipping Boy)

20)How does the main character/s change in the story? What makes them change or helps them change?

21) How is the character like you or any one else you know?

22) Which part was the most important part? Why?