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Literature Response Questions - Set Five   

Written by various members of Connection


1) If the characters in the story were crayons, what colors would they be and why?

2) If the characters in the book were animals, what would they be and why?

3)If the characters in the book were food (veggies, fruits, meats, or dairy) what would they be and why?

4) How would you explain (an event in the story) to your younger brother or sister?

5) If (character in book) was granted 3 wishes, what do you think he/she would choose?

6) Put yourself in place of the main character. Who will you pickin the story to be your best friend? Please explain your reasons why.

7) Compare/contrast the setting of the story to where you live/or the school is located in.

8) Write a letter to one of the following:

a) a librarian, telling them why they should have this book in their library

b) a friend telling them why they should read this book

c) from one of the book's characters to another

d) the author of the book telling him/her what you thought of it



9) Add a chapter

a) Write another chapter showing what you think could happen to the characters and events AFTER the action of the book. You will have to think about the characters and what they would do, so that your predictions are logical and believable for the characters.


Before the action

b) You could write a chapter about these characters BEFORE the action of the book. This could make you think about how or why the characters think or do things in the book.



10) Make up a game based on a book. This can be any type of game you wish - a card game, a board game, a quiz game, a matching game. This game must be related to the story as closely as possible. Write the rules for the game clearly, and don't forget to make all the things needed for the game - such as markers, dice or spinners, cards etc... If there are lots of "bits" to your game, think of some way of packaging the game so they don't get lost. Don't forget to include the book's title and author somewhere on the game's rules or board.

11) Reading a story involves visualizing the characters and scenes. Certain characters remind us of certain events that have happened in our lives.

a) What is something that has happened to you, that you can picture happening to the main character? Tell what the event is and why you can imagine this happening to the main character.

b) Choose a character from the story. Tell what color you think the character's favorite color is. What color is her/his bedroom, car, and favorite clothing. Why did you choose this color?

c) If you were to suddenly appear in the story, what type of character would you be, and why? Explain how your presence in the story would affect the plot of the story thus far.


12) Either take one of the characters out of the chapter(s) you just read and write how the action would have changed, or put an additional character in. (You may use one of the characters from the book, or use a TV character.)