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Literature Response Questions - Set Six         

Written by various members of Connection


1)The chapters in this book do not have titles. What would you call each of the chapters you have read?

2) Is there something surprising in the story? Explain what surprised you.

3) Write some words or phrases that you don1t understand or some words or phrases that you especially like.

4) Explain how you would write the story differently.

5) Write about what makes you laugh or mad or cry in the story.

6) Talk about how the story reminds you of your own life or how it is far different from yours.

7) What is the setting of the novel? Is the setting important or could the novel be happening anywhere? Why?

8) What new things are added to the original problem as the novel progresses? Can you guess at why they are added to the story?

9) What plot twists or unexpected events happen as the novel goes on? What is your reaction to them?

10) Describe any new characters that are introduced. What is their purpose?

11) How are the major and minor conflicts in the novel solved?

12) What message did you get from the chapter? How was this message conveyed?

13) Is the chapter believable?

14) Why would or wouldn't you recommend this novel to a friend?

15) Create pictures showing how you felt when you read a section of the novel.

16) Create pictures of the characters in the book, the communities inthe book, or some events in the book.

17)Show in pictures how a character feels or thinks.

18) Write a poem about a character or event.