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Submitted by: Kathleen

Activity used when flight/aviation was a theme:

As a combination writing/home school communication/journal type activity, I created a "Log Out" for the students to complete at the end of the day. It included Name, date, class number and a line for Parent Signature.

Students were required to write seven complete sentences summarizing their day. Explaining what they had learned how they felt about their learning that day etc. They were to use vocabulary words that had been introduced in their content areas. Use their best handwriting and write it in paragraph form. They were specifically told not to use sentences such as "We had physical education today" The "Log Outs" were returned the next day. Some were shared the following morning with the class.

With most parents, it created a concrete connection. Many responded with notes of their own which usually indicated they had talked more indepth with their child after reading their logout.