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Mouthwatering Menus


Submitted by: Ruth 

Help your students see the difference an adjective makes with this tasty idea. Enlist the aid of parents and students to collect menus from different restaurants. Then distribute one menu, drawing paper, and crayons to each student. Instruct the student to list on a sheet of paper all the adjectives found on her menu. Point out how unappetizing the menu would be without the adjectives in the descriptions. Next have each student create a menu for an imaginary restaurant with a specific theme such as The Doggy Diner, Hawaiian Hula Hut, or Candy Cafe. Instruct each student to include on the menu appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and beverages that go along with the theme of the the restaurant. Display the completed menus on a bulletin board titled Mouthwatering Menus.