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Name Tags        


Submitted by: KMS

When we were departmentalized I had to learn the names of three classes. I used a seating chart that I kept near me when I taught. I also had the kids make nametags using oaktag paper. I had them make a triangular shape so it would sit on their desk. They needed to be responsible for bringing it to class for the first 2 weeks. I used a small piece of masking tape on the bottom so the kids could easily remove it, flatten it, and stick it in their notebook. It was just another item that they had to bring to class. Using the nametags and seating chart enabled me to learn all their names in a little over a week.  

Submitted by: Kathy 

Not sure if this is what you are looking for as far as name tags ... but last year I did mine on the computer. I put all the kids in two sections in a data base. Then I printed their names as large as I could on a sticky label. I then put these on colored note cards. Purple for one section and green for the other. I then put them on both corners of each desk. I know some of you have many sections, so maybe this won't work. I was able to label anything I wanted very quickly. I even printed out a sheet of labels for the students to label their notebooks, etc... Worked very well ... and saved time!