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Paper Bag Book Talk

Submitted by: Jennifer McGregor  

After the students did their Book Talks, they were eager to read each other's books! Great inspiration!

1. Choose a novel.

2. Read the novel.

3. Prepare an oral report which includes the following

* Name of author

* copyright date

* genre

* setting

* theme

* a brief summary of the plot and the main characters (don't give away the ending)

* your personal response (why you choose the book, what you liked or didn't like about it and why, your favorite character, etc.)

* connections between this book and your own life, or other books you've read, movies you've seen, etc.

4. Prepare a paper bag (I got a local grocery store to donate bags!)

* On one side of the bag, write the title and the author's name

* Decorate the rest of the bag with scenes from the novel.

* Put your name on the bottom of the bag.

* Inside the bag place the book itself, and a selection of items that relate to the ideas and characters in the book.

* Practice explaining why you chose each item.

5. When you give your report, begin with the information in Section 3 and then share the items in the bag and discuss them

6. Due date ___________

7. Evaluation

A. Oral Report

* Author, copyright date, genre, setting, theme 10

* Summary of plot 15

* Personal response 15

* Connections 10

B. Paper Bag

* Appearance of bag 25

* Selection of objects and explanation 25

C. Total 100