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Parts of Speech  

Submitted by: Avis Breding   

On construction or tag board about 3 X 5, neatly print or write parts of speech on each one. I would have 3-5 noun cards, 2-3 verb cards, 2-3 adjective cards and prepositional cards. Verbs also 2-3.

Ask a student to choose one of the cards and began a sentence with it. A student perhaps may choose *preposition* and choose the word *into*

At the board... they would stick the word preposition and then underneath write Into the night...... then choose student 2 to choose a card.. and complete another part of the sentence. S/he might choose, Proper Noun... and student 2 might continue Into the night Sammy the cat and person 3 would probably pick verb and add on to it.

What I found was they had so much fun adding onto sentences I ran out of cards! That is why I suggested more than one of each. Color coding and laminating the cards would work well.