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Pedro's Journal


Submitted by: Barbara Punchak  

14 days' worth of activities to use while reading the book.

1.  Read  Pedro's Journal

2.  Teacher  Directed:  Students will write a journal  (Daily  for 4 days)

Make overheads of the following:

On board ship, a daily log is kept.  The captain records how far the ship travels and important events that occur.  We do not have a ship's log from the 1607 voyage; somebody probably kept a log, but it has been lost.

Two men, George Percy and John Smith, kept unofficial records of the voyage which are helpful to historians today.  From these unofficial records, we learn at what islands the ships stopped to take on fresh water, when they encountered storms or no wind at all, nd the death of Edward Brooks on the island of Mona--possibly from heat stroke.  His is the only recorded death on the 1607 voyage.   It is your turn to keep a Ship's Log.


 1.  You have just been chosen to accompany the Susan Constant on it's trip from London to Virginia.  You are 14 years old and leaving your family behind.  Describe what the ship looks like.  Describe the docks; what are they loading?  What are the sounds you hear?  What are the smells? What do you feel when you must say good bye to your parents and younger brothers? Illustrate

2.  You have been out at sea for 2-weeks.  How do you feel?  What can you see inside your quarters?  What can you see out across the ocean?  What  are you eating?  How are you sleeping?   What are the  sounds that you hear each day?  How do all the other men and boys feel  on the ship? Illustrate

 3.  You have been on your voyage for 2 months.  A storm has hit.  It is very cold and the water is crashing against the ship.  How do you feel? What are the sounds  you hear?  What is happening inside the ship  where you are?  What are you doing to keep yourself calm?  How long does the storm last? Illustrate

 4.  You have been at sea for 4 months now.  How much  food is left? How does your stomach  feel?  How does the other crew feel?      Land  is spotted.  Now, how does everyone feel?  What can you see?  What do you expect to find once you get to land?  Has the voyage  been worth it so far? Illustrate.