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Persuasive Writing

Ideas for topics


Submitted by: Barbara D. Martin  

1.  Why one vacation spot is better than another

2.  Letter to a friend persuading him/her not to use drugs.

3.  Letter of recommendation

4.  Letter to a character in a book persuading him/her to make another decision or take a different course of action.

5.  Letter to a parent requesting permission to do something (or give a certain gift for birthday).

6.  Letter to the editor addressing an environmental issue


Persuasive Essay Topics from Jennifer


Why is homework important or not important?

Should school require students to wear uniforms?

Should kids between the ages of ten and thirteen be dropped off at the mall without adult supervision?

Should skateboards be allowed on sidewalks?

Should animals be used for scientific experimentation?

whether the Blair Witch Project was real/not real

why we should have a real tree instead of an artificial (or vice versa)

Why I should get lots of presents this year.

And yes, why we should all watch Pokemon.

Why my team is the best team  (any sport)

Why you should join this sport.

Why you should/should not watch a particular tv show.

Why you should/should not trade Pokemon cards!

Why we should have more choices in the hot lunch program.

Why we should be able to sit where we want.

Why band and choir are good choices to make.

school boards considering banning the Harry Potter books

Why we should have a 4 day weekend

Why we should not get homework

Why I should get $10 a week pocket money

Why I should win an award

school uniforms

Whether Pokemon cards should be allowed in school.

Television is better than books.

Girls have it better than boys.

Cats make better pets than dogs.

Animals should not be kept in cages.

Computers should replace teachers.

School should be two hours longer.

Beauty is only skin deep.

The Olympics are a waste of money

Letters to Santa are always good for this time of year.

A letter to Santa persuading him to lose weight!