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Poet-Tee idea 


Submitted by: Peggy George  

(I love this one!!)

Here is my handout---students use fabric paint--computers--or markers--we do go into the library and they write down 25-30 lines of poetry in their journals 2 weeks before the shirts are due so they have some poetry --they may also write their own and surprisingly many do--the day they present they model them for the class and give the information on the evaluation--so this is a walking speech--my class is set up in a horseshoe seating. I model the assignment with a shirt I made for myself--It has a poem about the assignment.



I think that I should like to see

Some poetry upon a "tee"!!!



   *Get an old, plain white tee shirt or man's shirt.

   *Using permanent-ink markers, fill the tee shirt with poetry!


 Every inch of space on the shirt ( front and back, sleeves and sides) should be filled with verse and design!


*Include the following:

     ----your own original poems

     ----lines, stanzas, or entire poems from your favorite poets


(Just be sure to note the poet's name for any published poetry  you quote.)


* YOU will wear your shirt all day during school on the assigned day. In English class,  you should  be prepared to model your shirt and explain the significance of the designs and recite from  memory  your poem(s).


*Hint: Before you use markers, put a piece of cardboard between the front and backside of your tee shirt so that designs do not bleed through.  When printing on the shirt,  pull it taut and hold it tight from the bottom.  Use lots of bright colors and take your time.


Grading -----Holistic scoring

1.  Creativity

2.  Use of color

3.  Quality

4.  Completeness (cover the whole shirt)

5.  Credit given to poet

6.  Speech to explain shirt----items to include

                a. why poem(s) were chosen

                b.  credit and info about the poet

                c.  explanation of the design

                d.  theme(s) of the poem

                e.  volume and eye contact


You may use  your own poetry !!!                Good Luck!!!



The fashion show will be on Friday, June 2.

NOTE:  This is the last recorded grade before the finals! Good Luck!!!!