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Poetry Resources


Submitted by:  Peggy George  

A great poetry resource site!

Poetry for Middle School


This is what you will find on the above site:



Poetry is a great way to express oneself to others. Poetry allows the 'creative juices' to flow while communicating thoughts and feelings in unique forms. Middle school students will learn about different poets, read different forms of poetry, and learn how to write poems themselves through this webquest.

These are some of the links you will find on this site:

The Internet Resources:

A language arts website - This is a website for middle school students.

Why Poetry What - This is webquest site designed by a middle school teacher on poetry. The quest revolves around writing different types of poems, listening to poems.

Rhyming Dictionary - This site provides a rhyming dictionary, just enter a word, and lists of rhyming words for it appear.

Poetry writing tips - A list of suggestions for writing poetry.

Academy of American Poets - The Academy of American Poets has put together a superb site that includes, among other features, a listening booth where you can hear poems read by their authors, a number of interesting historic and thematic exhibits, and a list of featured poets.

Information about several poets including Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes

Poetry lesson plan links are provided:

poetry lessons -yahoo - a variety of lessons for teaching poetry

Cinquain poetry - This web site designed by a middle school class. Haexamples of poetry and pictures. Tells how to write this kind of poetry.

Lesson plan for Robert Frost - In this lesson plan suggested for grades 5-12, Robert Frost's poetry is discussed. Symbols in poetry, narrative poetry, and dramatic poetry.

Lesson plan - Intro to Poetry - This lesson plan is designed to use with 7-12 grades as a way to introduce poetry to students.

poem - 'Jazzonia' by Langston Hughes - This site contains a poem written by Langston Hughes.It also contains a picture of the poet and a link to a biography about him.

poems by Edgar Allen Poe - An index of a few of poems by Poe.

poetry-Robert Frost - lessons in teaching poetry about Robert Frost and other idea using a Leo Lionni book

Poems by Emily Dickinson - This site lists poems by Dickinson that come from the book, Poems by Emily Dickinson: third series, edited by Mabel Loomis Todd.

Poems by John Keats - This site contains an index to the writings of this poet. He was known for his poem about 'Ode to a Grecian Urn.'