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Public Speaking idea


Submitted by: Donna from New Jersey   

Each student in my class takes a turn putting up their own "Now Introducing Board" and presents it to the class as practice in public speaking. They must put up the bulletin board using pictures, items, trophies, etc. I have a shelf right under my bulletin board. I have my board up for the first 2 weeks of school as a model. I use topics such as: family members, friends, favorite vacations, favorite books, favorite soda, favorite candy, favorite foods and restaurant, favorite things to do, favorite videos and T.V. shows, favorite subjects in school etc. They are responsible for filling up the whole board and making the labels for each topic.

Then, they present it to the class as if they don't know anyone there. They must introduce themselves and tell the class all about themselves. Since I have already presented, they have a model of how to accomplish this. We also complete a few mini lessons on public speaking i.e.. speak clearly, look at your audience, don't use Um, tone of voice etc. I also have they watch 2 different newscasts and evaluate the newscasters on their speaking.

I grade the students on their speaking plus it's a great way for the whole class to find out about the other classmembers. I teach 5th grade, but this could be used with any grade. I leave my Now Introducing Board up for Back to School night so the parents get the idea of what is expected.