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Questioning Techniques

for Reading Comprehension

(from Read Write Connection materials - submitted by: Kristen Kavanagh

There are 4 types of questions that can be asked about a reading selection

Right: There the question and answer can be found "Right There" in the text, usually in the same sentence. Example What was Red Riding Hood carrying to her grandmother's house?

Think and Search: The answer must be put together from different places in the text. Example What did Cinderella's Godmother do for her?

Author and You: The answer must be inferred through information given by the author. Example Why did Cinderella need a Fairy Godmother? Why did her stepsisters dislike Cinderella so much?

On My Own: The text is not necessary to answer the question, but background knowledge is...Example; If you had a Fairy Godmother, what would you wish for?

I go through each type with examples and have the students practice coming up with their own and answering each other's questions.