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Questions for Critical Thinking and Response to Text

Submitted by: Barbara Punchak




1. What did you know about this author before you read the book? What new information did you learn about the author as you read the book?

2. Why do you think the author wrote this book?


3. Who were the main characters? Describe them in your own words.

4. Select one or more characters. Tell why he/she is important in the story.

5. Who do you know that reminds you of the characters in the book? Why?

6. What changes do you notice in the characters as the story progresses? Are those changes reasonable or what you expected? Explain.

7. What differences/likenesses did you notice in the characters? Explain.

8. Do people you know in real life behave like the characters? Explain.

The Story


9. In a few sentences, tell what happened in this story. In what sequence did the events take place?

10. Did the story end as you thought it would? Explain.

11. If you could change the ending of the book, how would it end? Explain.

12. Which chapters or events do you think are absolutely necessary to the story? Explain.


13. How would you describe the setting of the story?

14. What time did the story take place- past, present, or future?

15. What specific words or phrases give you the best visual images of the story?


16. What feelings did you have while reading this book? Explain.

17. What words or phrases did the author use to make you feel as you did?

18. What is the mood at the beginning of the book? What changes, if any, do you notice as the book progresses? Explain.


19. Select one or more characters and tell how the author describes him/her/them.

20. Did the author use and creative or unusual language in the book? Give examples.

21. Were you able to form a clear picture in your mind of the characters and events from the information in the text?

22. What vocabulary did the author use to enable you to visualize characters, settings, and/or events in the story?