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The Radio


Submitted by:  Dorrie Lounsbury

Line up 3-4 students in the front of the room. Each student represents a different radio station. They can each select their own station and name. Before the activity begins, each student is assigned a different topic to speak about. For example, one student might be a book reviewer, a weather person, a celebrity interviewer, an expert on a given topic, a famous scientist, etc. Next, you tell the students that just like a radio, when you change stations you will find the speaker in the middle of a conversation.

So, they sort of need to keep in going in their heads while the other stations are "on." They really have to stay on their toes and thinking. Also, once they get used to the idea, you can add students to do songs, raps, commercials, etc, Once the students understand the concept and have practiced it a few times, you are ready to begin. The teacher stands in the front of the room and pretends to change the stations by pretending to turn a button in front of each student. Then just keep switching back and forth from "station to station." This activity is very adaptable for many different topics. It gets the students used to speaking in front of a group and they love the concept.