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Reading Bulletin Boards


Submitted by: Barbara Colvin      

Bulletin Board: Reading

Black or Navy background

Picture of a world with a lock in it. (I used Print Artist to make mine.)  A hand reaching to open the lock.

Caption reads: Reading Unlocks the World


Bulletin Board: Reading

Background: World map

Caption: "Take a Trip in Your Easy Chair!"

I made a chair out of tongue depressors. You can buy a small wicker chair to use. I put a stuffed dog in the chair holding an open book.  Very cute!


Thesaurus bulletin board

Bulletin Board: Thesaurus

A bulletin board for learning to use a thesaurus:

Great for Thanksgiving time, also!

Yellow background with colorful turkeys sitting on a fence.

The birds' bodies have a "tired" word such as get, or said.  The birds' feathers are in different colors with synonyms for the "tired" words.  Caption at top of board reads: The Thesaurus: Where Words of a Feather Flock Together!

Taken from Mailbox magazine October/Nov. 1993

Contributed by Deborah Marik and Ruth Lees-Gr. 5, Southeast Middle

School, Ravenna, OH