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School News


Submitted by: Barbara Colvin    

This project can be used for writing, speaking and questioning (interviewing) skills

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AUTHOR:    PAM HANSEN; Cleveland Elementary, UT



This activity can be used for several purposes.  It can be used to improve writing skills, speaking, questioning skills, and help to build self esteem.  No special conditions are required. Your school or community only needs to have things happening.

When I begin this activity, the class will brainstorm about what has been happening that we would like to tell the rest of the school about.  This can either be in individual classrooms, school wide, or can be in the community.


GRADE LEVEL:       3 and up.



As stated earlier, this activity can be used in the language arts to improve writing, reading, and speaking skills.  It can also be used to help build self confidence and self-esteem.

It is also used to improve community relations.  It lets the community know what is going on in the school.

It is used to build school spirit.  It lets everyone know what other classes are doing.



1.  TLW write a report that clear and understandable.

2.  TLW use correct grammar and correct spelling.

3.  TLW speak clearly and in a manner that is understandable.

4.  TLW incorporate the 5 W's in his report; who, what, when, where, and why.



A video camera and a VCR.  When I first started this project our school did not have a camera so I simply had a parent come in a video the news with one that they owned. Then after the principal saw its value he purchased one for the school.



As the lesson begins, the class will brainstorm about what has been happening school-wide or in the community that is news worthy.  They will come up with several ideas or suggestions.  At this point I assign different stories to students.  They can either work independently or as teams or in groups.  They then research the story and write the report.

For each broadcast, I select an anchorperson for the news. This person is used to introduce the news item and then turns the actual report over to the "reporter".

I also assign students to be "reporters" for different classrooms. They go to that class and report any news or event happening there. In that way each class is covered.

At the end of each broadcast, the principal does an editorial.  He is free to speak on any subject.

After each report is completed, I video the item.

About every two weeks the news is "aired" on our school's TVs. Each room has a TV and can be networked from the VCR in the office.

After the broadcast, the students can check out the video to take home for the family to view.  Also copies can be made for those who want one.



The culminating activity is watching it on TV.  Our school has a special time to air the news.  The secretary announces it and the whole school watches.  The kids really enjoy seeing themselves and they know everyone else is watching too.  This helps to have everyone do their best.