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Sensory Poems


Submitted by: Lynn Hunkemoeller  

PREWRITING--We brainstorm and write down the emotions the class can think of. We then follow a pattern for writing the poem.  I use 6 lines I then ask them to think of a color that reminds them of the emotion chosen--such as gray could be the color for sadness.     That would be line one: naming the emotion and the color. After the class has written the first line, I ask them to think about their 5 senses and write the next 5 lines:

line 2: tell what the emotion sounds like

line 3: smells like

line 4: tastes like

line 5: looks like

line 6: feels like

The children are able to write some great sensory poems.


After the final draft has been written we publish the poems by making poetry booklets for each child and a copy for the library so the other children can read them.  There is also a poetry reading party.  We invite other classes to come and listen to the children read their poems.  We serve them kool-aid and cookies.  Everyone seems to enjoy this time.  We also invite the parents to come at lunchtime for a poetry reading luncheon.  Just about every parent comes too (and grandparents,aunts ,uncles etc.