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Sentence Rummy


Submitted by: Mary Lou Vantrump    

Upper-grade students enjoy this playful way to practice sentence building.  To make a deck for two to four players, you'll need 60 index cards.  On each card write one word, allowing 10 cards for each of the following parts of speech:  noun, pronoun, verb, article, adjective, adverb.  Placed together, the various cards should create coherent sentences.

To play, each student receives seven cards.  The remaining cards are placed facedown.  The player to the dealer's right asks another player, "Do you have a _____________?"  The blank is a part of speech that he or she needs to make a complete sentence. If the other player has the card, he or she must give it away.  But if the other player doesn't have the card, the one who did the asking draws from the center pile.  A player must wait for his or her next turn before laying down a completed sentence.  The first to use all of his or her cards wins.