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Spelling Games

Submitted by Jacquie


Sparkle is a fun game that the children LOVE!  You start by having the children form a circle.  The teacher gives a WW word- hostage- the first  person in the circle says H then it goes around the circle...the next child says S...T....A....G....E....after the word is done the next child says SPARKLE to the person on their right and the next child is out.  It sounds really simple and it is, but they love it!  I think they like it because it is a game of chance.  If they miss a letter they are out and it continues with the next child. 


Show me the Vocab

This is like charades in that they are given a word or can choose a word to act out in front of the class.  Some weeks I say they must use props, others I say no props and some weeks it is their choice.  They love acting it out in front of the class.


Artful Artist

Students have to draw one of the meanings of the Wordly Wise [any vocabulary card will do] word.  They can draw, cut out from a magazine or use the computer.  They hold it up in front of the class and we try to guess the word.  These are just a few that are favorites in my class.  The rule of thumb in my class is "NO WHITE SNOW" which means you must fill the paper with details!  Wordly Wise can get a little boring for the group!