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Spelling Program

Put together by Avis Breding from all sorts of ideas and suggestions from 5-6 Grade Connection list members


1. Cover

Monthly Spelling Planner


(Graphic) (Graphic)



(Graphic) (Graphic)


2. Monday's Plan... Week One

You will need your spelling notebook and a pencil to begin with. The spelling words for this week will be posted on the chalk board. We will pronounce each word, discuss its meaning, and note any special tricks to spelling the word. You will need to:

a. Write the word in cursive carefully in your notebook under the correct letter (alphabetically).

b. Write a definition you can understand next to it.

c. You may add marks for pronunciation if you need to.

d. Each Monday's list will be  graded.


Tuesday's Plan....Week One

Today you will be broken into groups of 4. Check the board for your spelling group. Note that each person has a number next to their name. Some groups may have one more or less than another group. The number starts the person off on their first job.

Person 1  will pronounce the word to their group

Person 2 will spell the word to their group

Person 3 will give a definition and use it in a sentence

Person 4 will use the word in a sentence

Jobs rotate

Person 2 will give the next new word to the group

Person 3 will then spell the word

Person 4 will give a definition

Person 1 will use it in a sentence

Jobs rotate again

Person 3 gives pronunciation of the word

Person 4 spells the word

Person 1 definition

Person 2 sentence

jobs rotate again etc

Groups can also chose to pretest their lists during this time


Wednesday: Individual Study Day

Today you will be choosing your method of studying your words. Your assignment must equal 20 points for today. You may go over 20 points for extra credit if you wish. When turning your work in remember it must be in cursive, have the number of the assignment and the points possible in your heading. Example:


Spelling Assignment #2 10 Points




Choose any of the assignments below to complete your points.

Assignment Number:


1. Write your words neatly 10 times each (20)

2. Alphabetize your words (10)

3. * Categorize your words by syllables (10)

4. Create your own definitions for the words (15)

5. Use your words in sentences 8/10 words long. (20)

6. Use your words in a short story. (20)

7. Highlight long vowel sounds, / silent letters. (10)

8. Divide your words into syllables using the . (10)

(ac.tiv.i.ties) no dictionaries ..try hard.. (15)

9. Highlight the root words in your word list. (10)

10. Write your words in color 10 times. (25)

* Categorizing Syllables #3 10 points


Syllable categorizing can look like this:




One             two                 three

1.                 1.                    1.


Thursday.....Game Day ;-)

Choose one of the following games to play today.

1. Concentration Ask for some index cards, and neatly write the same spelling word on two different cards. Do this with each spelling word. Mix the cards up and place them word down. First player turns a card up, and then a second card. If they do not match, both cards are turned over. The second person then tries their luck. Continue until a player finds a match, and that person continues until they miss.

2. 10 or 20 Questions. Have your list of words with you. Choose someone to begin the game, and have them choose one of the words silently. Take turns asking a question about the mystery word. If any one guesses the word in 10 tries it is their turn to choose a word. (number of questions depends on the number of words on the list)

3. MEMORY Write your spelling words either on your white board or the chalkboard. After giving your team time to look at the words, ask them to cover their eyes, and erase one word. Choose some one to identify the missing word and spell it. If they are correct, they get to choose the next word.

4. Spelling Circle Have your group sit in a circle. Leader starts by pronouncing the word and giving the first letter. Each student in the circle adds a letter till the word is spelled. Next word passes to the next person. If word is misspelled, word should be repeated.

Spelling test will be tomorrow... are you ready!!