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Submitted by: Alice Bair

After many poems are read from books and  the internet, students select the one they would like to read aloud.  Discuss the importance of reading slowly, clearly, and using good eye contact.  After practicing with other students, the poem is read aloud to the class.

The second oral presentation is a personal experience story.  Help students to select a story about something that has happened in their lives or to someone they know.  Use sequence charts to help students learn and practice the story for telling to the class.

The third presentation is with a manipulative device such as a hand puppet, finger puppet, flannel board, etc.  Students select a story after they have had a chance to read numerous stories from picture books, story collections, the internet, etc.

Manipulative items can be hand made or purchased.  Build on all the strategies you have taught so far: sequencing, speaking clearly, etc.  Allow students practice time and then have them to present to the class.  The manipulative items make the storytelling easier for the students because the focus of the listeners is on the item.

The fourth presentation is telling a story without any items to hold.  Have students select a story they like to tell.  Use all the strategies they have learned in the entire unit to present their story.  Have a storytelling festival including items from all the presentations.  Parents love to attend to hear their favorite tellers present their stories.