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Twenty-One Balloons


Submitted by: Karen Ehman

This is one of my activities that children enjoy after reading chapter 6 of Twenty-one Balloons.


The Twenty-one Balloons



Now that you’ve read Chapter VI, you know about the restaurant form of government on Krakatoa. This project is a menu that you will design a menu for an imaginary ethnic restaurant. Your letter of the alphabet is_________. This means that the food on your menu needs to represent a country or cuisine that starts with that letter.

You’ll need to have 3 breakfast items, 3 lunch items, and 3 dinner items. You’ll also need 3 beverages and 3 desserts. Where do you find these food items? Here are some possibilities

1) Look through cookbooks at home.

2) Get a library book about that country and see what it tells about special foods or dishes. Or check out a cookbook at the library.

3) Check with a friend who is from that country (if you know someone) and ask about foods.

4) Beg Mom or Dad to take you to eat out at a restaurant with that cuisine and check it out.

The menu will be on a 12 x 18" piece of white construction paper which I’ll provide. It can be done horizontally or vertically. Do NOT fold!! We will hang them on the wall and they’ll need to be flat! Make the foods sound appetizing. Spicy… or Luscious… or Delectable… whatever. Don’t just say Oatmeal or Tea, Cookies etc. Describe the food so someone would want to eat it.

Your menu will need a border--try to make it appropriate to the menu. Like little Eiffel Towers for a French menu or pineapples for a Hawaiian menu. Your restaurant needs a name -- Daisy’s Dutch Diner; Chez Alphonse; The Pagoda or whatever is right for you.

Make your menu colorful--use marker pens for the border and regular pen or thin markers for the words. Watch your spelling. Extra little pictures sprinkled around the menu would be nice too. Pretend this is a real business.

Oh, don’t forget NO PRICES. They didn’t charge guests for their meals on Krakatoa so you won’t either.