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Using Caught Ya: Grammar With a Giggle


Submitted by: Linda Sallee

1)  Using "Caught 'Ya; Grammar With a Giggle.

    I type my Caught Ya sentences on the computer, five to a page, large font.  I then make transparencies of them.   To correct, I have my students take their journals, turn them upside down and start writing from the back.  (We just disregard the red line on the one side.)  On the left side of the page, they number and copy the incorrect sentence as it appears on the overhead.  On the right hand side of the page, they re-write the sentence correctly, IN PARAGRAPH FORM.  This way, it is easier for them to see when it is necessary to indent for paragraphs due to change of topic and/or speaker.

2) A really good Grammar Web site.

3)  Daily grammar sends out a free email daily with a short grammar lesson.  Every five lessons there is a quiz.