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Ways To Present Poems  



Students will be able to:

   Cooperate with other members of the group to read and develop a way to present a poem.

   Memorize and recite a poem.


   Poems that deal with the subject matter.

   2 milk cartons with the bottoms cut out. Cut the bottoms according to the size needed and put them inside of each other. Cover with colorful paper or contact paper.


   Each group (4 to 5 students) will be given a cube with poems written on all sides. (All pertaining to the subject)

   One person in the group will then roll the dice to see which poem their group will be working on.

   They can then do one of two things to present their poem to the class. Choral read the poem, or act the poem out in front of the class.

   After they have been given time to practice, each group will then present their poem.

   When all presentations are over the students will then engage in different activities over the next couple of days to help them memorize their poem.