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Why Not to Eat Turkey!


Students make a large turkey:


circle - body

2 rectangles - legs
feathers - 8
wings - 2
face and feet - (I photocopied a reproducible and they coloured it in)

Then they had to write a paragraph convincing others not to eat turkey.

1st line - Introduce themselves (they are talking as if they were the turkey) "Hi my name is Tom the turkey and I hear it is Thanksgiving next week."

2nd - 4th lines - They have to tell  why people should not eat turkey (be creative )  I had everything from them being infected with the West Nile Virus to giving people gingivitis

5th line - Give an alternative food to eat and why it is SO much better than turkey. (Be creative again)

6th line - Concluding sentence

These were very cute, made a nice display and parents loved them.

Submitted by Linda McNeil