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Word Wall Activities


Submitted by: Sandra Carswell    

Write the Word - When an unfamiliar word is found in reading during a unit or novel study, the student that found it, or read it aloud, gets to write the word on a word wall in the classroom.  The teacher then leads the students in using context clues etc. to discover the meaning of the word and  to use it in another sentence.

Guess the Word - The students can be divided into teams for a competition using the word wall words. The teacher, or another student, gives one clue at a time to a particular word on the word wall.  Clues like the  number of syllables it has, if it contains a prefix or suffix, the definition, or a sentence with a blank where the word would go, can be used.  The students then take turns guessing the word.  Award points for correct answers.

I Spy a Word -  Whenever one of the words that is already on the word wall is found by a student when reading another book or other reading material, the student is awarded a "ticket" and if he can give the definition, another "ticket" is awarded.  This seems to keep the words on the students minds and in their vocabulary.  Of course, the "ticket" can be whatever you choose as a reward or prize.

Test - At the end of the unit, novel, or grading period, erase the word wall and give a spelling/vocabulary test on the now familiar words.

"Instead of Said" - Make a small bulletin board or poster with the title in the middle. Whenever a student notices another way an author used to say "said," ie.  "exclaimed," "cried," or "muttered," he may write it on the bulletin board.

The students may use this board as a reference when doing their own Writing throughout the year.