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4-8 Connection is a group of teachers from all around the world who have come together to form a 'virtual teachers' lounge' and share ideas from management to subject lessons to recipes! We intend to present some of the ideas we have come up with to you... but if you want more, maybe you should think about joining us!

This is what our 'listmom', Avis Breding,  has to say about 4-8 Connection:

'4-8 Connection is a "connected" group of teachers world wide who do a lot of sharing and creating materials besides discussing various topics and concerns with each other. Connection also stays connected having an email prayer chain, and creating a directory of its members.
Our biggest population comprises 5th to 6th grade teachers, but we do have other levels besides LD, ED, Sped, Music, Principals, and various others on our list.

Connection costs each member a mere $5 per year. This money enables us to utilize an advert-free server.
Visit our website  to see what we offer! Once your information comes through, you'll receive the details about payment. We are sure you'll find our list valuable, and we look forward to meeting you!

The digest comes out normally once a day in one long email. If real busy... it will come in two chunks!!'



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