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Halloween Activities


Submitted by: Lili Malabed

I have two activities going:

1. I took Bob Leslie's word list and put the words on cards. These then go into a box. Kids pick 8-10 cards and then try to write a poem (after reading lots of poetry themselves).

2. I have a real estate guide (the kind you find for free all over the city) that I show the kids. Then, for the paragraph of the week, we try to write a descriptive ad of a haunted house that would appeal to the most horrible ghoul.


Submitted by: Keila


Some party ideas...I'm doing our class party too!

Balloon pop... You'll need balloons partially filled with air with a message inside (or colors, ie, 10 orange, 10 black, etc.) The kids pick a balloon. They have to sit on it till it pops, not an easy task mind you. Those with the orange paper inside get one type of prize, those with black, another.

Another idea is pin the mouth on the pumpkin.

Find the Pumpkins...Also cut pumpkins out of paper, hide them around the room. If you find more than x number, you get a treat.

Pumpkin Math...Predict the weight of the pumpkin. Relate this experience to maybe the nurse taking their weight...or giving them pictures of things with very similar and dissimilar weights they can use as a reference point. Have them hold the pumpkin and ask, Is this----about the same weight of this pumpkin?

Skeleton game...You need 3 or 4 sets of 6 parts to a skeleton (head, body, 2 arms, 2 legs) and a dice. Assign each body part a number. Each child rolls the dice and must get that number to build the skeleton. If you roll the dice and already have that number/body part, skip your turn. The first one to complete the pumpkin wins.

I'm using some of these ideas for my daughter's 3rd grade class but adding a little more challenge, like adding up points on the paper pumpkins with 5, 10, 15 pts, answer a trivia question to build the skeleton, having them fill out a prediction page for the weight, height and circumference using unifix cubes and string, then charting the results, etc.