Friday English Week Thirty-Seven


Weekly Paragraphs

Print each of these activities separately and give a copy to each student.


Week 37

Women in History

This week you will be including research with your writing.  The month of March has been designated   as *Women In History* month.   Significant contributions to humankind by women are remembered.  For example:

Florence Nightingale  first nursing program
Maria Sklodowska-Curie first woman to win a Nobel Prize for Physics
Harriet Tubman  abolishing slavery with the Underground Railroad
Rosa Parks Alabama  bus boycott  beginning civil rights for African Americans

    Your first task is to select a famous woman.   There are many more than just those listed above, and you may know of a famous woman that others do not.  

    Next, research your chosen woman.   Find out as much information as you can so that your writing assignment will become much easier.  Look for information in encyclopedias, trade  books, publications, and on the Internet.

    You will be writing two paragraphs this week.   Your first paragraph will be a biographical sketch of your "famous" women.   Include pertinent (important and useful) information.
Don't waste time reporting trivial details.  Be very careful not to plagiarize.   Your main task with this paragraph is to give your reader background material about your selected woman.

    Your second paragraph will be an opinion paragraph. Think about questions such as these as you create your paragraph: Why is this woman considered to be famous?   Why does she deserve to be remembered/honored?  Why is it important for others to know about her?    Without her and her contributions  what would humankind be like?

Remember to include a strong topic sentence for your paragraphs.
Remember to have a good title and indent each paragraph.
Remember  to check your paper for spelling and punctuation corrections.


Note to Teachers: There is a great resource to be found on the Internet entitled Distinguished Women of Past and Present.