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Educational Ideas from 5-6 Connection
Above Grade Level Books

What can we give advanced 5th or 6th graders to read?

The Great Gilly,Hopkins, Missing May (Cynthia Rylant whom I
love!), Shades of Gray, A Soldier's Heart (Gary Paulsen) (This is a little advanced however and graphic
about battles in the Civil War, but an excellent piece of lit), A View From Saturday (E.L. Konigsburg--WONDERFUL!), Nothing but the Truth (Avi)

Marcia Motley

Johnny Tremain - Revolutionary War
*Number the Stars - Holcaust
*Sign of the Beaver - Indians in 18th century
Charlotte Doyle - exploration from a female perspective
A light in the Forest - Indians
The journal of Christopher Columbus

I just ordered
The biography of Mr. Bowditch - a biography of an explorer of the 18th century
Silent Tears - the Trail of tears

Kelly Baker

Other suggestions:

The Giver
Diamond in the Window
The Riddle of Penncroft Farm
Sign of the Beaver