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Educational Ideas from 5-6 Connection

Various Ideas from Various People

I use spring-loaded curtain rods to hang posters from.
works amazingly well......easy to change......

Joyce Boudreau

A teacher in my building hangs her bulletin board edgings on hangers in her coat closet. She used clothes pins to attach them to the hangers. This seems like a great idea to me since she can always find them and they are straight and ready to use again. Also, they are not taking up drawer space.

Sandy in SC

Several years ago one of the teachers from the lower grades gave me a wonderful idea I've used ever since. I took pieces of poster board, stapled or taped three of the four sides together. and slid my bulletin board supplies inside the open side. I then label them according to the months or subjects. Everything stays nice and straight. I have a large cabinet in the back of my room that has shelves that can be moved. I moved the bottom shelf up so these "envelopes" stand up inside the cabinet. When I'm looking for something specific, I find the appropriate envelope with everything kept nice and neat. The teacher who shared this idea said she kept her envelopes at home until that specific month, then brought in the one she needed. She said she slid hers behind some furniture in her basement. I hope this idea

Barbara Colvin

My mentor teacher gave me the best solution for bulletin board trim. If you have some of those strong people magnets you put them on the inside of the doors of your cabinets and hang them from the magnets. They hang straight do not get wrinkled and are very easy to find. If you don't have these magnets get them they are invaluable - available from Calloway House another invaluable catalog resource. I do this same thing for bulletin board letters that I keep in envelopes lableled with the titles of the bulletin boards I
used them for. Hope this helps.


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