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Educational Ideas from 5-6 Connection
Language Arts

Connection's Creations!

TRAVELOGUE - Avis Breding

This week we are going to create a TRAVELOGUE

For Language Arts and Art today you are going to create a Travelogue. A travelogue is a lecture or talk on a place that you have visited or would like to visit. You may use pictures, slides, video's or parts of movies to tell about your travelogue.

You can research encylopedias, magazines, friends, neighbors and libraries to enhance your topic. Have your travelogue ready to give to the class and hand in on Friday. Make your talk interesting by practicing it, and using good adjectives to describe the places you are describing. The travelogue can be created in a booklet type display, or other type if you wish.

1. Have you used capital letters in the title?
2. Did you indent your paragraph?
3. Is your paragraph interesting?
4. Have you included your name, date and heading?


For English this week you are going to write about what you think the world will be like when you are 100 years old. Studies prove that people are living longer and longer, think about the changes that may take place from now until then. Consider the houses, travel, foods, occupations, environment, government, schools, and entertainment.

Choose at least 4 of the above choices, or add some of your own. Use comparisons and contrasts to describe each in detail, so that you paint a picture and the reader feels as if she/he is there. Think about the stories you've heard about how your grandparents walked to school in two feet of snow, did not have video games, had to milk the cows, etc. Will the things you now do seem as ancient to children in the future?
Title your paper with your name and the year it will be when you are 100 years old, example YOUR NAME in 3002. Begin your paper telling the year it is now.
Include a flashback. In the following sentences describe the changes.

Example: Things have really changed since 199_. We used to travel in cars, not these ________________.

Remember to begin each sentence differently. Be sure to describe what it will the world will be like - do not just tell what you will do each day. Include descriptions of each change, it should take at least 7 sentences to complete this paper. Remember to use at least 2 comparisons and/or contrasts and at least one flashback. Use quality sentences reflecting good writing skills (not primary sentences.)





Extension activity: Draw a picture of you when you are 100 years old. Either color or use a charcoal pencil to create a shaded drawing.

Signature of the person checking your original for spelling errors


This week you are going to write a narrative paragraph describing the journey that a raindrop takes during a day. You will need to review the following phases of the water cycle: condensation, precipitation, and evaporation. These phases must be included in the journey, along with five other vocabulary words from your science chapter about the water cycle. Underline these words in your final copy.

Be sure to have a good topic sentence. Make sure your
paragraph is interesting, as well as, accurate. Remember that your supporting sentences need to include details about the journey of the raindrop as it goes through the water cycle. Finally, be sure to end your paragraph with a strong concluding sentence to pull the paragraph together.

Bonus Point Option - Cut out your final copy paragraph and
mount it onto blue or gray construction paper that is cut out in the shape of a drop of water (approxiamate size is 8 inches wide x 10 inches tall). Punch a hole in the top of the drop and add a loop of string about 2 feet long.

Check List
_____ 1. Title
_____ 2. A good topic sentence.
_____ 3. Three or four supporting sentences.
_____ 4. A strong conclusion.
_____ 5. Nice, neat cursive handwriting in blue/black ink.
_____ 6. Includes: condensation, precipitation, & evaporation.
_____ 7. There are 5 vocabulary words underlined.
_____ 8. Indent the paragraph.

Signature of your Editor

WE CAN"T MOVE - Luann Weiland

Well, here it is January and half through the school year. Your grades are good and your class is great. Everyone gets along with one another, and the teacher is really a great teacher. Just when you thought you had it all, the bomb hits.

The governing board at your school has decided to close one class and that class is yours. You do not want this to happen. The students are randomly to be moved to other classes, and some to other buildings. Your class will have to act fast to convince the board not to make such a change.

They have said that they will allow one person to read a letter explaining why the change would be detrimental to you and your classmates.

For Language this week you will write a persuasive letter. You need to follow the form for a business letter aligning everything on the left hand side. You want to get the attention of those making the decision, so make a powerful opening/topic sentence. Secondly, give at least three reasons not to make the change, however do not explain these reasons in this sentence. Further explain your reasons in the following sentences.

Use your concluding sentence to restate, put into other words, four reasons. ( you will need at least four reasons) Be Powerful in your writing!


For your assignment you must convince every one that 'Chocolate" is good for you. In one to two paragraphs, you need to write persuasively about the benifits of chocolate. Remember that you may have to change other people's minds about chocolate.

Be sure to include topic sentences, supporting details in
which you vary your sentence beginnings, summarizing sentence at the end, and correct spelling.

Have somebody proof your rough draft. Be prepared to orally present your final paragraph/s to the class. You may wish to include a poster and or props when you do your oral presentation.


1) Title
2) Topic sentence for paragraph/s
3) Supporting Details
4) Vary the way you begin your sentence
5) A good summarizing sentence
6) Correct spelling
7) Your name, date and heading
8) A poster/and or props for oral presentation
9) Signature of the person who proof read your final draft.


People may sometimes hold different opinions or have different beliefs about other groups of people because they do not look the same, dress the same, speak the same language, are not the same gender, or practice the same religion as they do. Read the two situations below, choose ONE of the topics and write three paragraphs about it.

Remember to state specific reasons for your beliefs and actions, and be convincing.

1. Imagine your school district had a rule not to allow Black children to attend your school. Then the policy changed. Some students/families were happy about this while others were not. The first Black student in your school was assigned to one of your classes. He/she asks you for help and you...

2. Imagine your community little league association had a rule that forbid girls from playing baseball.

Boys: You just finished a difficult tryout and were
selected as a player. Only the best players make the team. You recognize the person who was selected for second base, you know HER, and you...

Girls: You're watching your brother and or friend at the tryouts. You hear who has been selected. Only the best players make the team.You recognize the person who was selected for second base, you know HER, and you...

Use these guidelines:

*Restate the problem in the beginning paragraph
*State how would you handle the problem?
*Would you involve other people? If so, who? From where? Why? To do what?
*State why you feel or believe what you decide to do is the right decision, and be convincing so that readers will want to do the same as you.


__1. Heading, Name, date, Subject
__2. Title
__3. Topic Sentence
__4. Indent paragraphs
__5. Specific details, examples to support your position
__6. Signature of the person who corrected your spelling
__7. Legible, neat final copy

Body of Letter



Have you ever made a promise and not kept it? This week you are going to write about making a promise that you will try to keep for a whole year. Many people make New Year's Resolutions on January 1. The resolutions are promises to try to do something better, to quit smoking or to lose weight, exercise more or change something that they do. What would you like to change about yourself?

List five things you might like to change:


Now choose one of the ideas from above to be the topic of
yourparagraph. Be sure to include what the promise to change is, how you will do it, any problems you think you might have, and how you will feel on December 31 when you have successfully followed the resolution.

Have you......

__ 1. Written a title and a heading.
__ 2. Written a good topic sentence.
__ 3. Included three or four supporting sentences.
__ 4. Concluding with a strong sentence.
__ 5. Indented the paragraph.
__ 6. Had your work proofread and edited.
__ 7. Had your proofreader sign your rough copy.
__ 8. Written your good copy.


When you first walk into a classroom, one of your basic thoughts is, "I sure hope that I have a good teacher". What is it that makes a good teacher, and who knows better than the students?

Make a list of at least ten things that you think a teacher needs to be a good teacher. Once you have made the list, write a paragraph (or two!) describing what a good teacher is like.

1) _________________________
2) _________________________
3) _________________________
4) _________________________
5) _________________________
6) _________________________
7) _________________________
8) _________________________
9) _________________________

Be sure that you follow the guidelines - topic sentence, several supporting sentences, summary sentence. You may want to have the person that checks your original for spelling discuss with you what he/she thinks a good teacher is, also.

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