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Proof Reading  (Eight lessons submitted by Bob Leslie)

Quotation Marks (An idea about using comic strips)

Teaching dialogue with Comic strips (Another idea about using comic strips)

Using Your Noodle (Using macaroni noodles)



Preposterous Pictures (Commonly confused word pairs)


General Grammar

Compound Sentence Roulette (Fun with sentence formation)


Parts of Speech (General)

Awesome Adjectives and Vivid Verbs (A fairly simple writing activity)

A Use for Pictures (How to organize and use pictures)

Books to Teach Skills (A bibliography for teachers)

Circle Book (A student-made book about the parts of speech)

Computer Countdown (A fun activity involving counting different parts of speech)

Crazy Clue-Libs (Inserting parts of speech into a story)

Daily Language and Color (Coloring different parts of speech and sentence types)

'Found Poetry'   (nouns, verbs, and adjectives)

Grammar Review (Students design their own review activities)

Here We Go Loop to Loop (An activity concentrating on one part of speech)

How to Use Gotchas

Ocean Gotcha

Parts of Speech (Creating sentences from constituent parts)

Parts of Speech Activity (A mailbox activity - identification of parts of speech)

Parts of Speech Word Wall (Each part of speech has its own color) 

Magic Pencil Gotcha

Nightmare Gotcha

Noun and Verb Activity (A collage type activity)

Sentence Puzzles (Labeling and inserting parts of speech to sentences)

Sentence Rummy (A card game designed to create sentences)

Space Creatures Gotcha

Using Caught Ya: Grammar with a Giggle



Adjective Adventures (Dressing up and describing others)

Adjective Paper Dolls (Describing friends)

Adjectives (Describing food using real food!)

Mouthwatering Menus (Looking at how adjectives enhance menus)

The Big Game (A game designed to broaden adjective vocabulary)

The Power of Adjectives (A twist to adjective use!)



Group Terms or Collections (A list of collective nouns)

Proper Noun Bingo (Bingo showing the difference between common and proper nouns)

Reinforcing Nouns (Showing that whatever you can draw is a noun)



Action Illustrators (Acting out verbs)

Linking Verb Activity

Teaching About the Function of a Verb (How a verb 'talks' about a noun or pronoun)

Verb Activity (Creating a mobile of verbs; decorating the room!)

Verb Dictionary (Creating interesting sentences; reviewing parts of speech)

Verbs (Guessing verbs; understanding that verbs usually come after the subject)

Verb Song (Teaching students the 'helping verbs')



Prepositional Poetry (Using prepositions and prepositional phrases to write a poem)



Adverb Activities (Examining adverbs in detail)

Adverb Pictures (Labeling pictures)