Friday English

Summary of Contents by Topic

Week Title Notes
Week One Favorite Relative  
Week Two Signs of Fall  
Week Three Being Treated Nicely  
Week Four Chores  
Week Five Halloween  
Week Six Popularity Opinion
Week Seven Water  
Week Eight Thanksgiving Guest Description/Letter
Week Nine Thank You Letter
Week Ten Giving Thanks  
Week Eleven Good Deeds  
Week Twelve Letter to Santa Letter
Week Thirteen Christmas Smells  
Week Fourteen The New Year  
Week Fifteen Three Wishes  
Week Sixteen A Good Substitute  
Week Seventeen How to Tie a Shoe Transactional Writing
Week Eighteen Television  
Week Nineteen Allowances  
Week Twenty Telephones  
Week Twenty-One Personification  
Week Twenty-Two Description  
Week Twenty-Three What is a Friend?  
Week Twenty-Four What Would They Say?  
Week Twenty-Five Hereditary Trait  
Week Twenty-Six Sounds of Morning  
Week Twenty-Seven Description of You Need 5X8 index cards
Week Twenty-Eight Fractions and Hershey's Kisses  
Week Twenty-Nine My Favorite Outfit  
Week Thirty Taking Care of a Pet  
Week Thirty-One The Name Game  
Week Thirty-Two You Are Going to be an Inventor!  
Week Thirty-Three Dr. Seuss March 2 - Read Across Ameria
Week Thirty-Four Habitat/Creature Writing  
Week Thirty-Five Pumpkin Contest Preferably given several days before Halloween
Week Thirty-Six The Day it Rained Chocolate Pudding  
Week Thirty-Seven Women in History Women in History Month = March